How to


Download the *.deb file, and install (double-click a download file). It’s easy !

If you use KDE,  must install GTK library.


Right-click once on an icon in tray. You will see the menu.

Where ?

    Applications → Accessories → Apache-Switch
    K-menu → Utilities → Apache-Switch
    Applications → Accessories → Apache-Switch

2 Responses to “How to”

  1. Peter pisze:

    Please, can you make a 64bit version available for download ?

  2. Piermario pisze:

    Congratulations on your application, it is very interesting for those who use apache2 and MySQL installed by the package manager.
    For someone like me, has installed a web server as lampp you can not use it even if editing
    at line 33 ‘commands.getoutput output = („ps-e | grep apache2″)’ in ‘commands.getoutput output = („ps-e | grep httpd”)’ will
    can also be used by those who do not use apache2.
    You wonder if you can or can I change the file for use with lampp.
    I salute you and thank you

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